Chattanooga Helicopter: The Perfect Gift

Imagine soaring above downtown Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain, or the River Gorge, taking a tour that is truly unique. Any time of day the sights will be breathtaking, and the experience magical. We’ve compiled 5 reasons a helicopter tour is the perfect gift idea for your next special occasion.


The opportunities for an Insta-worthy photograph are endless. Before take off, get a few photos in front of the chopper. Once in the air, grab amazing shots from a vantage point typically out-of-reach. Helicopter tours offer photo-unique opportunities before, during, and after the tour. 

The Perfect Date

We all have times when we just can’t figure out where to go on our night out. Break out of the routine with a one-of-a-kind and truly memorable experience. A helicopter ride at sunset provides a romantic way to start the weekend.

Spectacular Views

A helicopter has the ability to take you lower than an airplane and can fly or hover from a standstill in any direction. This provides close-up views not possible in any other aircraft, making the experience unforgettable. At Chattanooga Helicopter, the following tours are available:

  1. The Ridge Runner
  2. The Downtown Tour
  3. The Tennessee River Tour
  4. The Great Lookout Mountain Tour
  5. The Nickajack Lake Tour
  6. The Ultimate Tour

Explore Chattanooga like Never Before

How well do you know the city of Chattanooga? Navigating Chattanooga and the surrounding areas from the ground provides only a single perspective, missing the unique perspective seen from above.


A helicopter tour is unlike anything you or your loved ones may have ever experienced. The thrill you feel once the helicopter leaves the ground will bring energy to your special event and make it unforgettable! 

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