Cool Nights — Hot Chocolate


As the temperatures drop, we start to think about the traditions and flavors that announce the holiday season, especially hot chocolate. All over the world, chocolate is a popular drink in many forms—spicy Mexican hot chocolate with pepper, thick European hot chocolate made with cream, and (of course) the American version, hot cocoa with marshmallows. 

Here in Chattanooga, all three varieties can be found and more, as we’ve got plenty of ways to ease your craving for something sweet and cozy.

The Hot Chocolatier at 1437 Market Street downtown is an obvious choice for a cup of the delicious brew. There are many varieties of drinking chocolate, bonbons, desserts, and kits for making these confections for you to take home as a souvenir. Try their hot chocolate bombs—a hollow shell of chocolate filled with hot cocoa and marshmallows that melts in your cup. 

Nearby, at 1400 Market Street, is a popular branch of a regional favorite, The Frothy Monkey. Offering an impressive menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items, their drink menu is extensive and creative. The hot chocolate is served with a frothy heart on top, and they also offer an espresso, graham cracker, and marshmallow concoction that is sure to please.

In the heart of the Bluff View Art District at 204 High Street is Rembrandt’s Coffee House, a delightful European baked goods shop that serves what many Chattanoogans claim is the best cup of hot chocolate to be had. Made with melted dark chocolate and piles of whipped cream, it is one of many coffee, pastry, and food items available on site.

Made with European chocolate, Rock City will be whipping up its delicious house blend during those chilly nights at the Enchanted Garden of Lights. Experience the sights and sounds of Christmas on Lookout Mountain while sipping their seasonal specialty drink.

During the holidays, ice cream and hot chocolate can go together!!  At all three Clumpies locations, the hot chocolate is made with Belgian chocolate, high fat cocoa powder, and topped with a heaping serving of house made marshmallows.

No matter where you decide to get your cup of chocolate holiday cheer, you can be sure it will be sweet and delicious!

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