Soaring Artistry

From a child’s first kite at the beach to the 20-foot flying art-pieces that will take the air this April at Chattanooga’s Montague Park, kites have always set flight the imagination of children and adults alike. This spring in Chattanooga, don’t miss the chance to become a kid again and watch the sky fill with magic.

Going beyond the traditional role as recreational items, the ingenious flying objects at Montague Park will be transformed into mesmerizing works of art. On April 20, flyers from all over the country will descend on Chattanooga to launch their masterpiece.

A Popular Pastime for Years

A popular pastime for thousands of years, kite flying crosses cultural boundaries. While the principles of aerodynamics haven’t changed, the materials used to construct kites have expanded throughout the years. Historically, materials like bamboo, paper, silk, and even leaves were used. Modern kites include materials like nylon cloth, fiberglass, and carbon fiber frames. The construction of kites is limited only by one’s imagination.

“Enjoy the park and have a great day on a beautiful and hopefully windy spring day.”   Lynn Brown – Executive Director of the Sculpture Field



Combining Art with the Joy of Flight

Combining art with the joy of flight, kites and kite sculptures continue to enchant people throughout the world. They offer a unique blend of ancient tradition and artistic innovation. While soaring gracefully in the sky, spectators stand in awe, getting a sense that the ordinary has been transformed into the extraordinary.

Visitors to Sculpture in the Sky will also be able to enjoy local food from food trucks, sip beer from the beer tent, and listen to live music. “Enjoy the park and have a great day on a beautiful and hopefully windy spring day,” states Lynn Brown, Executive Director of the Sculpture Field at Montague Park. According to Brown, this free event has grown each of its five years and serves as a way to raise funds, and awareness for the park.

On Saturday, April 20th one has only to look up to see a dazzling display of designs, shapes, and colors as the sky will become a canvas over Chattanooga.


Sculpture Fields at Montague Park
1800 Polk Street
Chattanooga, TN

Date & Time:

April 20, 12:00 – 5:00 pm

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