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Sure we have lightning fast internet, a world-class aquarium, minor league baseball, and about anything else you could hope for in a city, but did you know that Chattanooga is also one of the climbing capitals of the Southeast? Beginning downtown and extending in every direction, there are breathtaking outdoor climbing opportunities as well as many indoor climbing facilities for those looking to hone their skills before hitting the rocks. Chattanooga Christian School math teacher and climbing club leader Mike Bacon offers the inside scoop on Chattanooga’s vibrant climbing scene and where to go if you’re looking to “hang out.”

World class climbing scene

“It’s the quality of the sandstone, the unique formations, and the types of holds that sets Chattanooga apart from the rest of the country,” Bacon says when asked about what makes Chattanooga climbing special. While nearby places like Rocktown in Lafayette, Georgia, and national hotspot Horse Pens 40 in Steele, Alabama, are only a short drive away, Chattanooga itself offers opportunities for almost any type of climber at any level of difficulty. For those looking to climb outdoors, there’s “Little Rock City” in Soddy Daisy, the “Tennessee Wall” at Prentice Cooper State Park, Sunset Rock on Lookout Mountain, and dozens of other routes or boulder problems scattered around Lookout Mountain, Signal Mountain, Mowbray Mountain, and Raccoon Mountain. 

“It’s the quality of the sandstone, the unique formations, and the types of holds that sets Chattanooga apart from the rest of the country.”

Mike Bacon

Indoor or Outdoors

For those looking to train on a rainy day or maybe just take the kids for a fun adventure, Chattanooga also offers great indoor climbing experiences. “There are two major gyms in Chattanooga and both are good for different reasons,” Bacon says. “A climber looking to get really strong will likely climb at Synergy, which is in the Southside. It offers a lot of bouldering and training equipment, but no roped climbing. High Point Climbing has multiple locations and offers ropes as well.” And High Point Climbing even offers a wall on the exterior of the building that leaves you dangling over Broad Street downtown! There are classes, competitions, or just day-passes for those passing through, so whether you’re an experienced climber looking to challenge yourself on our exquisite sandstone, or just wanting to try your hand at a route or two for the fun of it, Chattanooga is on the top end of the scale!

Challenge Yourself at Popular Sites near Chattanooga, TN:

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