Escape Experience: 5 Details that Deserve Attention

You’ve got 60 minutes and five unique experiences to choose from. Escape Experience Chattanooga, located at 1800 Rossville Ave. in the Southside district, is one of the Scenic City’s most creative and detailed escape room opportunities. What sets Escape Experience Chattanooga apart is its commitment that everything in the room–each item, each clue–is aligned with the narrative. And most of the props are created in-house. We’ll get you started with five items to watch for and how to approach them for speedy success.

The Prop: Mirror Note / The Room: C-Block Prison Break

Why It’s Important: Wrongfully convicted of a crime, you are left alone in a jail cell. This note has been left behind by an “inside man” who wants to help you escape. Not only does the note provide some context for you, it also gives you a clue about a shape and color. This will only make sense once more of the room is searched. On closer inspection of this note, you will notice that there is another message faintly erased on it. 

The Prop: Train Briefcase / The Room: Runaway Train at The Choo Choo 

Why It’s Important: You’ve been placed in Witness Protection and are on your way to a very important trial where you will need to testify. Someone has sabotaged the train you are on. Before getting on the train, however, your lawyer gave you a briefcase with important documents. This includes a packet on The Witness Protection Act along with some items that don’t appear to be useful at first. You soon realize that there is a conspiracy happening around you, and now you aren’t sure who to trust. 

The Prop: Holey Pan / The Room: Vaccine: Search for the Cure

Why It’s Important: Stuck in a dilapidated cabin filled with puzzles and traps created by a mad man, you find an old rusty pan with holes. As you search the room, you notice a weird poem on the wall that has similar markings in the shape of the holes on the pan. Bring the two closer together to reveal a secret message. 

The Prop: “Minus Box” / The Room: The Bunker

Why It’s Important: On your first day at a military bunker, it goes into lockdown. As you progress to a fallout shelter, you find a secured lock box on the wall with a colorful lock. This lock box is labeled with a company name “Minus Enclosures” and is secured under a set of pipes with various labels and colors on them. Because of the proximity of the lock box and pipes, you can deduce that they correlate with each other. 

The Prop: Lucky Bolt / The Room: The Inheritance Mystery Room

Why It’s Important: Your long lost uncle has included you in his Last Will & Testament. A scientist and a tinkerer, he has left you something very important that he has made. Before you can find your Inheritance, you’ll need to use some of the clues he has left you in his Will. He mentions his lucky bolt that he originally “lefty it for Lucy but decided it was righty for you.” This play on words will lead you to inspect the bolt more closely to find the secrets hidden inside.   

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