The Craft Brewery Scene – Innovative, Diverse, & Memorable

Over the past decade, you’ve probably noticed a major influx of local microbreweries popping up across the country, especially in small, vibrant cities like Chattanooga. But what even is a microbrewery and what makes them so popular?  

While the technical definition of a microbrewery (or craft brewery) varies. It is essentially a brewery that produces fewer numbers of barrels per year, is typically independently owned, and features more unique and innovative specialty brews. 

Chattanooga’s microbreweries are the perfect way to experience and support the local culture and businesses. With twelve craft breweries (and more to come) all situated in different pockets of downtown Chattanooga districts like Southside and Northshore, you’ll have plenty of local flavor to choose from.  

After a long hike or a walk across the Walnut Street Bridge, there’s nothing more perfect than cracking open a cold IPA or creamy ale and enjoying Chattanooga’s crisp fall weather.  

See below for just a handful of the many stops you can add to your brewery bucket list and be sure to hit them up when you explore Chattanooga this fall:  

Chattanooga Brewing Co.

Originally founded in 1890, Chattanooga Brewing Co. is the oldest brewery in Chattanooga. It was known for producing the finest German-style beer in the nation and grew to a six-story brewhouse right on Broad St. until Prohibition shut its doors. Nearly a hundred years later, two engineers with a passion for craft beer breathed new life into the Chattanooga Brewing Co. story all while honoring its rich history. 

Naked River Brewing Company

Naked River Brewing Company is Chattanooga’s largest brewpub located in one of the oldest buildings in the city, making not only the brews but the environment unique and exciting. There is ample room to hang out outside, play a round of corn hole, and chow down on some of their delicious Texas-style BBQ.  

Oddstory Brewing Co.

Stepping into Oddstory is an experience in itself. With local art covering the walls, lush plants at every turn, and comfy leather couches calling your name, Oddstory invites you to stay a while and share a glass and a conversation.  

Five Wits Brewing Company

One of Chattanooga’s more recent microbreweries to enter the scene is Five Wits Brewing Company, which opened in the fall of 2019. It’s housed in Market South, a food hall and event space, and features a wide array of unique brews that can be enjoyed inside or on the patio. Take a look at how the magic gets made through windows that show off Five Wits’ production facility. 

Additional local breweries to check out are: Big River Grille and Brewing Works, Heaven & Ale Brewing Co., Hutton & Smith Brewing Co., Cherry St. Brewing Co., Wanderlinger Brewing Co., Tanasi Brewing & Supplies, Tailgate Brewery, and Mad Knight Brewing Co.










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