Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding

Experience Autumn From the Sky

What is the best way to see Chattanooga’s beautiful autumn colors? From the sky!
Lookout Mountain Flight Park (LMFP), located just minutes from Chattanooga on Lookout Mountain, is the premier hang gliding and paragliding school in the United States.  This locally owned and operated business has been taking people to the skies since 1978.


“We have flown with folks from around the world,” said LMFP office manager Brittany Henley. “Our nationally rated instructors have years of experience flying tandem flights and teaching on our bunny hills. People can be surprised by how easy it is to fly. We love to show them that flying is not just something other people do.”

“You can fly!”

Soaring in the sky is an amazing experience year-round, but fall’s crisp skies and vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows create a breathtaking panorama that you can experience with no experience necessary!

Freedom of Flight

The flight park’s hang gliding and paragliding packages offer a unique opportunity to soar above the stunning landscape like a bird. Strapped securely to a hang glider or nestled in a paraglider, guests can feel the relaxation of free flight as they glide effortlessly through the air.

Safety is of utmost importance to the LMFP crew, and their team consists of highly trained and certified instructors with years of industry experience. LMFP instructors will guide each passenger ensuring their adventure is thrilling while safety remains the top priority. When visiting, each guest receives thorough instructions on equipment usage, launch and landing procedures, and essential flying techniques, enabling them to feel confident and well-prepared.


Not sure what activity your party wants to choose? Lookout Mountain Flight Park can provide a variety of hang gliding and paragliding options to suit different preferences and skill levels with no prior knowledge needed. Their introductory flights are perfect for anyone who wants a taste of the sport, while advanced courses are available for those looking to enhance their skills and take on more challenging flying experiences. Not interested in training? Suit up for a one-time tandem experience in hang gliding or paragliding. LMFP makes free flight more attainable than ever.

“Whether you are seeking a solo adventure or enjoying a tandem flight with one of our experienced instructors, we guarantee an unforgettable experience year-round with fall being one of our favorite seasons to experience Lookout Mountain’s vibrant and unforgettable colors,” says Brittany. So, we ask this: “What are you waiting for?”

Embark on a journey of a lifetime and experience the freedom of flight with Lookout Mountain Flight Park. We give them our full stamp of approval.


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